Canadian Tire plans to sell tires online and overhaul service departments

Chances are you’ve visited a Canadian Tire retail outlet store at least once in your lifetime. Soon you will have the chance to visit a virtual Canadian Tire store from the comfort of your own home. In addition to the online store, Canadian Tire also unveiled plans to overhaul service centers in selected stores.

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Canadian Tire is relaunching online shopping due to changes in this competitive marketplace. The Company withdrew from e-commerce two years ago, citing that the majority of Canadians were close to a retail store. However, later in 2011 customers will have the ability to purchase products online which are offered from Canadian Tire.

One of the many products customers can purchase online from the retailer are tires. Glenn Butt, executive vice-president customer and automotive said, “We know the tire business is quite competitive. We know customers have choices. We know they spend a lot of time researching and in some cases ordering online.”

Plans were also unveiled to overhaul selected service centers. The pilot project will be in Ontario and focus on better and faster service. The new design will feature a drive through reception area, where a service advisor will consult with the customer while they are still in their car. New technology will ensure that the service advisor will have access to the latest service bulletins and how-to information.

The automotive department in the store will also expand by offering accessories, including GPS units and video screens. Canadian Tire also plans to launch an automotive catalogue in April that combines advice with product information. An online component will allow customers to access online videos which demonstrate products features.

[Source: The Star]